Odenton Baptist

A fundamental, independent, Baptist church that is fundamental in that they hold to the historic "fundamentals" of the faith which denounce liberalism, modernism, and the Charismatic movement.

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Odenton Baptist
Odenton Baptist
Odenton Baptist


Odenton Baptists manner of worship is traditional; their Bible (the King James Bible) is the pure word of God, and their gospel (the Lord’s gospel) is older than creation. They seek to please God rather than man and do not stray from these standards of worship, Bible, and gospel.

Odenton Baptist needed a new website as their old church website was stuck in the 1990s. I installed WordPress and accquired a church theme to installed. I created a home page as a hub for all the activity of their website; pages for their ministries, sermons, and live streams; and a contact page with a map. I continue to up keep their website with new event and sermon postings and updating their content as needed.


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