How long have you been web designing?

I have been web designing since 2011. This is also the year I graduated high school. I've learned so much in these last few years that help me design and develop some amazing web sites.

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What technologies do you use?

For designing standard landing page websites, I use a combination of WordPress and a website template. With my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and jQuery, I can customize the theme to better fit the client's needs. I also design and develop websites using plain HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

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Can I ask you to build me a website?

You can ask me to build you a website. I currently hold a full time position with a company that does similar things. This means that I cannot charge for my services to my own clients. I can then build you a website for free, or a donation. However, I am not looking for business right now.

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How do I contact you?

Simple. Click the contact button below to send me a message.

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I'd love to hear what you think of what I've designed!

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